Consultancy services

Environmental Regulatory Compliance:

The recent environmental regulations pose a great challenge to the plant owners, both technically and commercially.

  • Our teams support in identifying and adopting the most cost effective technical solutions The scope covers technical due diligence of systems which relate to control of emissions such as NOx, SOx, PPM
  • Support in implementation of systems like Low Nox Burner, SCR,SNCR, FGD.

Specific services:

  • Technical Advice for the right solution
  • Environmental information systems


Our Boiler audits help in pin-pointing areas that need correction and recommend solutions to optimise boiler efficiencies.

Manpower solutions:

Our domain knowledge helps in recruiting the best staff for your needs.

Plant assessment:

Our Plant Assessment packages are designed to identify cost-effective measures to improve the performance of the parts or systems in question. Packages are tailored to fit the plant's operating conditions, configuration, history and the customer's improvement objectives.